The unique cost effective model of Protocol Systems focuses on three critical steps necessary to empower and change the unkind "adage," that "good things don't come cheap." Our business model and use of open source turns this adage outside out. Open source solutions coupled with our strategic business knowledge offers the most value and hence strategic applications for smart business decisions.


Modeling of Strategic Applications Integration of those Strategic Applications (Service Oriented Architecture - SOA)These three steps, or rungs up the ladder, are the "enablers" that help build the Intelligent Enterprise: a robust infrastructure that includes the actual data that is accessed via strategic applications, where it all works together in an integrated, fluid way. The result is the ability to be more responsive, more "nimble" in reacting to business opportunities, to customers, and to trends - and the ability to collaborate more effectively with your partners and suppliers. These are the necessary steps needed to accomplish the goal of achieving an "Intelligent Enterprise".