Protocol Systems' world-class services and support commitment is to work with clients to understand their business intelligence and integration needs through the use object-oriented development architecture. Our expert consultants bring to the table years of experience helping build effective information architectures and a wide range of applications in both business and academia.

Our training and education group offers a comprehensive curriculum of courses designed to maximize your investment in our open source products. In addition to most of our staff having knowledge or involved in teaching, we offer customized courses on target customer groups as well as Web-based training.

Protocol Systems ensures that our client's mission-critical applications are running 24/7 with our unique and comprehensive customer support model. An area expert is assigned an application with backup expert 24/7 and geographical viable to a client's site. We present optional level of service tailored to a particular client.

Learn more about our customers and the results they have achieved with our technology or check out some our awards and honors bestowed upon staff. For more information about Protocol Systems open source business model and how we can help your organization, please call us

<strong>at (313) 534-8773</strong>