Protocol Systems is dedicated to helping organizations plan and deploy strategic open source business applications. We help our clients architect their enterprises by modeling their underlying processes  into long-term optimal business value.

More About Us

Since over ninety (90%) percent of the open source applications we have worked/collaborated with are free, our cost to deliver the highest of quality is always less than fifty percent of  our proprietary based counterparts or so called Information Technology contractors. Our business model, although none traditional, delivers services and support above traditional IT companies. Our respond time is always less than 4 hours.


Our Mission

Our primary mission is to advance information technology for global business involvement in Africa using our ecommerce portals, optimize and protect the transparency and accountability using our software’s for biddings and contracts & grants management.

Our Values

The technological revolution that began in the 1980s transformed their business models, brands, technology and business processes to create value and positive return on investment (ROI). With that said, we never compromise on our values.


Our Solutions

We offer comprehensive full-service e-commerce, online bidding system, contracts & grants management systems, and information technology consulting and data analytics technology solutions for businesses and government.