CGMS - Contracts & Grants Management System

CGMS - Contracts & Grants Management System is a comprehensive application designed to manage post-award administration of contracts and grants. The cloud-based or in-house installation allows for all financial reporting, financial administration, effort reporting & financial regulation compliance.


  1. Optimized functionality to improve organization’s ability to capture and track the unique requirements of sponsored awards
  2. CGMS brings your organization’s finances into a clear view with instant access to real-time information and analytics
  3. Monitor key metrics, such as financial statement analysis, program-to-expense ratios, and cash balances; manage budgets by providers, grant, program, or project; and track grant requirements, restrictions, and performance right from the dashboard
  4. Leveraging our expertise and experience in fund accounting solution designed specifically for government contracts and grants
  5. Efficiently maintain compliance with University policies and procedures, with federal regulations, and with the terms and conditions established by our sponsoring agencies