Our Applications & Services

About Protocol Systems

Protocol Systems Corp., a Information Technology company based in Detroit, MI, USA, is focused on simplifying and building intelligence into information technology processes using smart web-based, data-driven software applications. Protocol Systems’ mission and focus is to develop a family of web-based software tools to improve workflow, improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce errors, improve information integration and exchange and improve safety and compliance within the business and medical environments.

e Commerce

Protocol Systems is an eCommerce provider for Jobs, Online Mall, Real Estate, Africa Business Directory and enterprise software provider. The “BestAfrica.com” eCommerce portal is a cloud hosted services that relies on listings and advertisements. We deliver our enterprise software as a service (SaaS) via a subscription model.

POBS-Online Bidding System & CGMS-Contracts & Grants Management System

Protocol Systems has two major offerings:  Online Bidding Systems for contracts and services (POBS) software and contract and grants management (CGMS) system. These products help big companies, governments, and nonprofits manage their contract and service biddings in an accountable and transparent way.

Many business processes require labor intensive steps that are time consuming and prone to human error. Our cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) for Online Bidding, Contracts & Grants Management are automated, reducing costs and improving transparency and accountability for government, business and other bidding services.

Consulting Services & Data Analytics

The company also offers consulting services, software development, and works with a number of top companies in the industry on commercial over the counter software (COTS) solutions. Protocol Systems uses Data Analytics to help many industry segments to analyze and visualize their decision support systems in data science and engineering framework in verifying and disapproving existing models or theories.